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FACHWERKRAUM is the first systemic concept for arranging small rooms. Eliminating verticals and longitudinals creates space. Only two sorts of basic metal profiles fixed directly on the wall build the basis for all furniture made by wood profiles and plates. Straight design, individuality, variability, ecology and longevity make it a perfect approch to solve actual problems concering urbanisation with its lack of space.

Room as a construction kit

Depending on requirements, you need supporting stable walls for the construction, which are no more than 3 m apart. According to the weight and safety requirements the steel profiles will be specifically prepared and with corresponding dowels and screws connected and fixed to the wall.

Slot-in profiles STP and Fachwerk: Viewed from above (aslant).
The Fachwerk is prepared for different load categories with wooden profiles, calibrated and finally simply slotted in. When needed it is simple to reconstruct and to store.

Metal profile

Slot-in profile (fixation, stability, grid, alignment)

The slot-in profile STP and Fachwerk: Side view
The slot-in profile is the core of FACHWERKRAUM. It is the interface between the movable and the unmovable immobile (furniture). Thanks to the material metal, it can support a heavy weight but unobtrusively. At the same time it is designed so that the wall-sided mounting can deal with completely different wall qualities. A fixation by means of various screws and dowels in short distances is possible. The means of mounting can range from simple wood screws to certified screw/dowel combinations with a load-bearing capacity of 100 kg.

Complete construction FACHWERKRAUM with infill of the stainless steel profile, framing and double bracing
Two parallel slot-in profiles across from each other are needed to slot the framing together, connecting both walls in a free “floating” manner. The “rail construction” can then be braced with the use of inserts. (Lego principle).

At the same time the profile is created so that the framing can bridge to the other side of the wall, holding it vertically, to enable a corresponding static for a higher weight.

By means of the regular distances between the slots a variety of allocation possibilities and a grid, allows for a clear structuring of among others for the furniture /room plan. In addition this procedure guarantees efficiency on the principal of common parts: Bracing. In this way e.g. a wooden plate or various elements, e.g. a bunk bed: a slatted frame and mattress may be inserted …

Thrust profile

Thrust profile SCP and glueboards in solid oak
On the same basis the slot-in profile has been fashioned on the same principle as the thrust profile. This makes it possible to insert a shelf, only mounted on one side, with a simple vertical insertion, until the board width “disappears” quickly.

Together with a ceiling fixture it is also possible to mount a table top one-sidedly.

The thrust profile follows the measurements of the slot-in profile exactly as far as the length and wall mounting is concerned and falls into place harmoniously with the room concept in general.

The corner connector

A connection at right angle is created …