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FACHWERKRAUM is the first systemic concept for arranging small rooms. Eliminating verticals and longitudinals creates space. Only two sorts of basic metal profiles fixed directly on the wall build the basis for all furniture made by wood profiles and plates. Straight design, individuality, variability, ecology and longevity make it a perfect approch to solve actual problems concering urbanisation with its lack of space.

Designed specially for limited spaces

Design is a question of interpretation

Thrust profile SCP: Glueboard of solid oak as a shelf inserted in 2 different positions.

How is it possible to produce mainly horizontal lines, making limited space appear wider? How is it possible to construct furniture from wall to wall visually attractive while statically sustainable? Which materials are needed, which forms and measurements make sense and correspond to visual expectations? With the support of new technology how can a completely plain, preferably natural rough system be developed, that produces no waste although usable for a long timeframe? How can the added value chain be kept as wide as possible while involving the user and his creativity in the creation process?


These are all questions that lead to the basic concept behind FACHWERKRAUM.


Fachwerk in solid oak introducing a grid as a coat rack

FACHWERKRAUM is the room concept for limited spaces. The room is actually taken serious and allowed to react. The furniture communicates directly with the limits of the room and extends these visually. This is principally achieved by means of 4 effects:

  • The “floating” of the furniture.
  • The walls are the base, not the ground.
  • No furniture at eye level – either sitting or standing.
  • Clear compositions: a basic measurement/material, griding, symmetry.

    Interface slot-in profile STP: Fachwerk and overlapping bracing
    „Symmetry communicates calmness, serenity, security. One recognises what’s on one side and knows what to expect from the other side. That is balance. In a symmetric structure everything is stabilised, the composition is balanced. There is no one piece, which overpowers the others. A look, a first perception of symmetry is enough and everything is whole."(Michele De Lucchi)