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FACHWERKRAUM – The limited space concept of megatrends

When you see FACHWERKRAUM for the first time, you see Bauhaus and minimalism. A second glance acknowledges that FACHWERKRAUM incorporates megatrends in various ways. These have been compiled in headlines and clarified in relation to FACHWERKRAUM. 


Globalisation, urbanisation and mobility

The „moving closer together of the world“ can be recognized most clearly in increasing urban development and the expansion of metropoles. On the other hand these are quite often easier to reach than smaller cities despite the considerable distance involved. These strong tendencies however lead to the fact that more and more people are willing to live in relatively small space at extremely high costs in larger cities. This concentration demands new concepts in the areas “living” and “moving”. FACHWERKRAUM offers interesting solutions and recommendations for both contexts.


Neo-ecology and health

This style of living, averted from nature, demands compensation, reflected in the willingness to be mindful of yourself and your environment. FACHWERKRAUM works according to the principle „cradle to cradle“. In the case of FACHWERKRAUM, this means that the product is processed directly from the natural resource leaving no opportunity for waste to ensue, the production itself is versatile over an enormous period of time and as a mono material without compounds can also be used directly for the creation of another product. The high solid wood share has been proven to have a positive effect on health, as also the symmetry and structures used.


Individualisation, female shift, silver society

Humans see themselves increasingly as individuals, which when referring to age and gender has a major effect on our self-concept and our course of actions. This on the other hand leads to a considerable increase in single households as also multiple households, which are respectively getting smaller. Once again here the limited space now plays an increasing role.


Connectivity with new work and new learning

FACHWERKRAUM would never have happened if there was no new interpretation of getting together, gainful employment and learning existed. FACHWERKRAUM sees itself as true “shareware”, causing connectivity, leading to new working systems and a constant further development from the community.