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FACHWERKRAUM is the first systemic concept for arranging small rooms. Eliminating verticals and longitudinals creates space. Only two sorts of basic metal profiles fixed directly on the wall build the basis for all furniture made by wood profiles and plates. Straight design, individuality, variability, ecology and longevity make it a perfect approch to solve actual problems concering urbanisation with its lack of space.

Interface between immobile and mobile

Interface slot-in profile STP with framing, self-supporting
Quite often a limited space appears to be very restricted in the way it looks and functions. However the relatively short distances between two walls facing each other can offer an excellent prerequisite to include these walls in furniture construction.


Interface thrust profile SCP: Used variably
FACHWERKRAUM by means of filigree well-designed stainless steel profile, offers an interface between the movable and the unmovable (furniture), allowing the use of the available space optimally.


The serially constructed furniture module system functions according to the “Lego principle”. With this method the stainless steel profile is screwed on parallel to the closer standing wall facing each-other. The framing is then inserted into this from wall to wall. The rail system thereby created can be braced according to requirement. In this way tables, benches, beds, coat racks or shelves are constructed in an always constant, open, very straight lined linear look, making the room appear wider.


Bracing modules: View from above of various elements and materials