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After a summer break the concept FWR will be converted in FWR GmbH – after 5 years intensive preparation.
Consciously the founding takes place in the year of 100 years Bauhaus.
From 2020 on FWR will be available. The total cocept still is avantgarde and having said this very early for ist market. So it will still take a lot of time or „the investor“ to make it happen in everyday environment.
We see enormous momentum from 2025 on.

June 2019

Conclusion of all conceptal work based on all experince out oft he last 5 years.
Idea, concept and implementation are tested on the market. Partner are ready to integrate the idea, to contextualize the concept on a broader field and to fulfill production and logistics.
2020 this web site will be converted to a consumer web site including an online shop.

May 2019

Acquirement of a FWR showtruck.

April 2019

Coordinating a common communication with T+T.

March 2019

Start to construct a Fachwerkraum house as show house.
Starting conceptual work together with T+T.

February 2019

Further meeting to plan investments. Presenting FWR to different project developing companies – interested in working with the concept.

January 2019

IMM Cologne: Interest of Bauhaus protagonists. Idea of creating „das Haus“ as a multi stored house alone from FWR elements in ist basic construction.

December 2018

Inviting T+T creating a perspective of cooperation.

November 2018

Intensifying contact to a consortium of investors.

October 2018

First contact to T+T sliding elements. FWR shall be combined with another project featuring Bauhaus and clients for „furnitecture“.

September 2018

» Das Haus (LBS) 9/18: Special – High and narrow rooms.

Hints to create it:

 Go to the top!
 Create zones!
 Work with existing forms!
 Stress the narrow side!
 Divide the room!
 Straighten the room!
 Work on measure!
 Build bridges!

All topics of FWR furnitecture beyond „small room“ and „tiny house“!

August 2018

Parcelling rooms by FWR furnitecture: Visitiung CO33 (Concrete), C3TEC (ecologic lightweigt construction), Wulfmeier (Glas)

July 2018

Visiting Bauhaus Dessau contextualizing furniture and architecture by FWR furnitecture.

June 2018

First intercontinental investor shows interest in Fachwerkraum furnitecture.

May 2018

Visiting Mies van der Rohe foundation.

April 2018

Invitation of WÜRTH GROUP, headquarter Künzelsau.

March 2018

Selection of the investor. Invitation to potential buyers into the new space. Registration of Fachwerkraum furnitecture as international patent.

February 2018

New prominent partner for all metal bars. ZOW, Ambiente

December/January 2018

Installation of the new showroom/headquarter.

November 2017

Strothman carpentry is offical installation partner. Deinstallation of the showroom Strothmann for the new headquarter Fachwerkraum in Bielefeld, Sauerlandstr. 7.

October 2017

Besides the beehouse in Switzerland (4 people on 12 m²) there is now a show room at the Baltic sea in Heiligenhafen installed.

September 2017

Inviting partner in context of MOW, Möbelmeile and Area 30

August 2017

Moving headquarters closer to partner and improving work efficiency

July 2017

First visit to an outdoor show. („gardiente“ in Frankfurt)

June 2017

First visits to buying groups and professional press (Möbelkultur/Möbelmarkt)

May 2017

» Interzum

Presented by Becker Formholz using form fleece

April 2017

Catalogue Fachwerkraum

March 2017

FWR Video
First publication to the public. (play Video play Video MDR-Mediathek)
Patent (20 2017 101 770)

February 2017

Fotoshooting, film of Fachwerkraum

January 2017

Installing showroom feat. furniture and architecture Strothmann (Bielefeld)

December 2016

First publication of FWR facing its market.

November 2016

Preparing patents.

October 2016

Visitung first funiture stores.

September 2016

Get together of all network partner. Deciding to marketize the total programme „Fachwerkraum“ in 2017.

August 2016

Strengthening the network by a sales department.

July 2016

Creating a basic structure for a large scale production.

June 2016

Fachwerkraum passed successful the businessplan contest OWL.

May 2016

Visiting all partner sorted out and informing about further action as well as about the network. Discussing production and sales in the corresponding fields.

April 2016

Reorganizing the structure of partner and business model respecting results of the new business plan and ZOW.

March 2016

„Making of“ businessplan and participating in the regional contest: Startklar OWL.

February 2016

fachwerkraum auf der ZOW 2016 ZOW-Logo

Presenting Fachwerkraum profiles as basis for „room-furniture“ on ZOW 2016, Bad Salzuflen, Germany.

January 2016

Visiting IMM and Domotex. Creating the new concept using FWR profiles for independent furniture.

December 2015

Visiting prospective project partner for the latest concept.

November 2015

Planning Fachwerkraum profiles for independent funiture.

October 2015

Architect strengthens the concept Fachwerkraum as furniture and additional level basis.

September 2015

Preparation for contests and shows 2016 such as „future city“ (Fraunhofer Institut) and „ZOW“ (Bad Salzuflen).

August 2015

Delivery of „50 rooms“(material) for samples and references.

July 2015

» FACHWERKRAUM now in English!

Have a nice summer holiday!

June 2015

» Moving into the headquarters of FACHWERKRAUM:

Warehouse and mobile showroom exist already. Workshop and office will join these up to the end of 2015.

May 2015

FWR Logo

FACHWERKRAUM is a registered European brand / registered trademark: No 013644241


» Interzum 2015: Trends and FACHWERKRAUM


Diversity in all areas, always first-class quality. New daring combinations, crazy ideas, trends from tomorrow in colours, décor, designs, patterns, upcycling, use of surplus, always that little bit different

Savings in materials

Sculpture direct from raw materials, simple inserting and sliding, no gluing, dowels or screws

Sparing resources

Decomposable raw materials for reutilization, longevity

Demographic change/mobility

Simple handling and lots of variability


Real shareware, connection to different added value pattern

Future technologies

Laser measuring, laser treating

» Interzum

The room concept FACHWERKRAUM celebrates its world premiere from 05.05.15 - 08.05.15

The location for this premiere has been programmatically selected: FACHWERKRAUM is a metal profile system as a foundation for carpenters and interior designers for the efficient furnishing of limited spaces.

We develop the corresponding profile as a foundation for the interior furnishing of limited spaces and look after the marketing. The added value from FACHWERKRAUM stays just about exclusively in your hands.

Not only the product, but also the utilisation is presented for the first time in Hall 4.2, Aisle E, Stand 15 in connection with the Federal Ministry of Economics specially created terrain “Young, innovative companies”

For this we completely furnished a container: Bed, bench, table, racks, shelves, coat rack … everything you need but on just 4 m².

Convince yourself of a totally novel concept, with its variability, not forgetting to take efficiency, ecology and trends into account – a concept that will help you set standards with your work.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our “nucleus” at the Interzum and invite you to visit us.

April 2015

» Focussing

Determining of woodwork businesses as partners for the development of the room concept, coordination with the Cologne Fair and the Federal Ministry of Economics, conceptualization of the stand for the fair and the media

March 2015

» Market research

Follow-up activities for fairs, contact with potential partners from architecture, interior design, tradesmen

February 2015

» The ZOW-Focus Theme 2015

„Standard furniture is a thing of the past – today’s customer wants to set his own personal accent by means of a wide variety of size, measurements, colours, structures, modules, decors as well as mounted and additional parts“

Iindividualisation was the focus theme of the ZOW. It would also be the FACHWERKRAUM theme if the functional and visual enlargement of limited spaces was not already the main focus.

January 2015

» From the final report of the BAU

„Product solutions along with system solutions for the increase of energy and resource efficiency, environment and resource-friendly materials … were set center stage. Getting away from the technological and functional theme, it was particularly about how one shapes life and work in the city of the future"

This statement from the BAU 2015 is exactly in keeping with the solution approach of FACHWERKRAUM. Besides a thank you to our initiation partners and further exhibitors, interested in our project, we have nothing more to add.

» Imm 2015: 10 Trends and FACHWERKRAUM

1 German coziness

The limited space is by definition cozy. However for the stylists among furniture designers “clean surroundings” belong indispensably here, spaces which can then be richly filled with ornaments. This is exactly what FACHWERKRAUM allows for.

2 Black celebration

Black is back – or grey – or even houndstooth: When this is set systematically as an upholstered module, it is a wonderful contrast to the otherwise bright small room.

3 Private office

When your „private office“ should not be in your bedroom, then FACHWERKRAUM offers many convincing concepts to turn your junk room into one – even creating space for your visitors.

4 Back to tangibles

As we threaten to get lost in virtual room, we want to touch and be touched by our surroundings. FACHWERKRAUM is a partner for original carpenters and a playground for originals, reality and granny’s bric brac – just true values really!

5 Bathroom = room

The bathroom is quite often a smaller place however with FACHWERKRAUM it becomes a small room, which should not only collect carpets and chairs, but increase its living value decidedly with the efficient FACHWERKRAUM concept.

6 Digital Signing

Along with motion sensors and app-operated functions, we mean the lighting here. FACHWERKRAUM allows furniture to float. This is even nicer with the planned lighting concept.

7 Heavy Metal

Metal as a material and colour is back again. The heart – the interface of FACHWERKRAUM – is made from aluminum or stainless steel. At the same time we see visual austerity or with different modules opulence is also demonstrated: Bronze, silver gold!

8 Colourful

As a targeted contrapoint it understands itself aptly with the linear “no nonsense” Bauhaus character of FACHWERKHAUS. The structure offers a basis for experiments in smaller spaces.

9 Upcycling

Apart from cradle to cradle – the demand of FACHWERKRAUM offers the admittance of modules for a perfect foundation for upcycling. The system innate griding benefits from the necessity of structure at the same time, highlighting the top quality of the upcycling solution.

10 ?

This trend should have been noticed by the visitors themselves and as they were called upon to visit the House of Neri & Hu. The “guest of honour interiors on stage” created various high, small rooms with their own furniture at times. Did they know about FACHWERKRAUM … ?

» Virtual premiere

In the Mekka of the furnishing industry, Bielefeld, we started a new company FACHWERKRAUM – the high-quality furniture module system for limited spaces.

The new furniture system is based on the following considerations:

With the worldwide urbanisation, the need for furniture for limited spaces has increased.
A limited space has characteristics, which need special consideration.
To today there are no systematic solutions for furnishing.
A limited space has basic advantages, as far as efficiency and coziness is concerned.
Deficits of limited spaces are the functionality, manageability and sense of space.

The mission:

FACHWERKRAUM eliminates these deficits and uses the actual facts of limited spaces optimally, to increase the living value. The solution-orientated approach to size animates architects, interior designers and carpenters to a wide variety of individual bracing. It includes existing architecture. FACHWERKRAUM uses the newest techniques and sets ecological measures according to the “cradle to cradle” principle.